J-Walk & Associates is a small company owned by me: John Walkenbach. I've been using spreadsheets since the early days of VisiCalc. I've written many Excel books, and I also developed Power Utility Pak, a popular add-in for Microsoft Excel. [more about John]

This site contains information about my books and Excel-related products, plus lots of free tips, downloads, and other stuff for Excel mavens. Explore the menu at the top, and dig around. There's an excellent chance that you'll find something you didn't know.

Half-Off Sale
PUP v7.2 and J-Walk Enhanced Data Form are half-price. Order online and download immediately.

Attention book owners: If you have one of my books that contains a coupon for a discounted copy of my PUP add-in, please be aware that the P.O. Box on the coupon is no longer in use. Please contact me and I'll arrange for you to get the discounted software.

 My Books

I've written more than 60 Excel books for users of all levels.

Here's one of my recent books, selected randomly just for you:

A light-hearted guide to learning VBA programming for Excel 2010 (also covers Excel 2007) | Other Excel 2010 books | Amazon link: Excel VBA Programming For Dummies

 Excel Add-Ins

Here are a few products you may find useful.

Power Utility Pak:

PUP is an Excel add-in that adds dozens of new features and functions to Excel. A free 30-day trial version is available.

Enhanced Data Form:

The J-Walk Enhanced Data Form is a free Excel add-in that provides a general-purpose data entry dialog box. The VBA code is available for a small fee.

Order Page:

Use the Order Page to order Excel add-in software safely online, and download immediately.


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